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Every Drop Count$—How to Lower Your Water Bill

Conserving water is great for the environment and it’s also good for your finances. Finding ways to use less water can help you lower your bill each month.

Fort Worth Water bills you in tiers, or levels, based on the amount of water you use. As you use more water, additional water is billed at increasingly higher costs.

New meters are being installed across the city that will allow you to see your usage on an hourly basis. Once complete, you will be able to evaluate your daily usage patterns and find ways to manage those tiers more effectively.

Every gallon saved adds up—to help you manage your tier charges and reduce your water bill this month and in the future—and keep clean, safe water affordable for you, your neighbors and future generations.

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Report Water Waste

Fort Worth has year-round watering restrictions which include a no more than twice a week irrigation schedule. Please report water waste online or use the MyFtWorth app for smartphones.



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