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ACH Payments for Vendors

City of Fort Worth vendor payments can be processed by a direct deposit to vendor’s checking/savings account. The process is called Automated Clearing House Transfer (ACH).

Advantages of ACH are:

  • Eliminate processing the check by mail.
  • Give the vendor the advantage of use of the funds one business day AFTER the transfer has taken place.
  • Allow the vendor to receive an email showing the invoices being paid by the transfer.
  • Invoices approved for payment by 3 p.m. will be transferred same day and will reach the vendor’s bank account by the next business day.
  • This service will NOT work if your business must have backup documentation attached. The Bank is not set up to pass on this documentation.

Note: All payments will be completed by ACH once implemented.

It will be imperative that if a checking/savings account change is made that the city is given this new information immediately.

All bank processing will be encrypted for security and safety of information.