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District 3 Capital Projects

Drainage Improvements

Project Description Status
Westcliff Drainage Improvements This project is a multi-phase project to reduce flooding in the Westcliff South drainage basin. The first phase includes installation of pipe inlets on Surrey Street from Suffolk Drive to Seminary Drive. Future project phases will install large diameter pipes and storm drain inlets to the north and south of the first phase. Phase one is complete and design is underway for phase two. Design

Fire Safety Improvements

Project Description Status
Fire Station 43 A new fire station will be constructed and equipped in far west Fort Worth. The proposed station will service residents in this high population growth area that includes the Walsh Ranch development. The proposed new facility would include up to a 4-bay station with approximately 11,000 square feet. Design

Parks, Recreation & Community Center Improvements

Project Description Status
Lake Como Dam Repair & Erosion Control Design and construction of drainage, dam restoration and erosion control improvements Design
North Z Boaz Park Development The park master plan will be updated and implemented. Amenities include but are not limited to the construction of athletic fields, park trail, picnic facilities, a fitness area, playground, recreational courts, parking, and supporting infrastructure and equipment. Design
Tim Watson Park A master plan is being designed and constructed for park amenities that include, but not limited to, playground, picnic shelter, walking trail, security lighting and practice fields. Planning
Z. Boaz South New Playground, additional trail, pavilion, picnic tables, benches, quick coupler, pavilion lighting, and water fountain Design

Street & Transportation Improvements

Project Description Status
Silver Creek Road Improvements This project has been scheduled in two phases. Phase 1: Silver Creek Road from Live Oak Bridge to the Silver Creek Bridge. Construction on this segment of the roadway was completed June 30, 2015. Phase 2: Silver Creek Road from White Settlement ISD to the Live Oak Bridge and north to the City Limits. Phase 2 is in the early design phase. Improvements include intersection capacity and safety improvements, rehabilitation of the existing roadway and widening of the roadway shoulders. Design

Water System Improvements

Project Description Status
Bellaire Drive South Wastewater Improvements The wastewater main that is located under Bellaire Drive South from Arborlawn Drive to just east of Overton Woods Drive will be replaced. Design On Hold
Clear Fork Lift Station A lift station will be built at Bryant Irvin Road close to the Clear Fork of the Trinity River to serve the former Lockheed Martin Recreational Area site. A wastewater line will then be added along Bryant Irvin Road. This line will connect with the existing wastewater line at the intersection of Bryant Irvin Road and Arborlawn Drive. On Hold
Colonial Area Wastewater & Water Improvements The wastewater main that runs under Colonial Country Club Golf Course will be relocated under Mockingbird Lane and Colonial Parkway and the current wastewater lines will be abandoned. Existing water lines under Park Hill Boulevard will be replaced and the water line from Mockingbird Court to Simondale Drive and Lynncrest Drive will be relocated. To accommodate special events in the area, construction will be intermittent in order to avoid traffic issues. On Hold
Como Area Wastewater Improvements Deteriorated wastewater lines located in alleys in the Arlington Heights and Como neighborhoods will be replaced. Alley between Pershing Avenue and El Campo Avenue From Faron Street to 250 feet east of Faron Street Alley between Pershing Avenue and Birchman Avenue From 250 feet east of Faron Street to 100 feet west of Bourine Street Interstate 30 From Merrick Street to Eldridge Street Alley between Calmont Avenue and Birchman Avenue From Eldridge Street to 200 feet east of Kenley Street Camp Bowie Boulevard From 300 feet east of Halloran Street to Horne Street Alley between Lisbon Street and Valentine Street From Bedford Street to Chambers Avenue Alley between Houghton Avenue and Diaz Avenue From Horne Street to Bourine Street Alley between Wellesley Avenue and Houghton Avenue From Faron Street to Bourine Street Alley between Wellesley Avenue and Houghton Avenue From Hervie Street to Merrick Street Alley between Bonnell Avenue and Fletcher Avenue From Bryant Irvin Road North to Halloran Street Bourine Street From Goodman Avenue to Fletcher Avenue Alley between Kilpatrick Avenue and Bonnell Avenue From 300 feet west of Bourine Street to Bourine Street Alley between Goodman Avenue and Kilpatrick Avenue From Horne Street to 300 feet west of Faron Street Alley between Goodman Avenue and Kilpatrick Avenue From Hervie Street to Prevost Street Alley between Libby Avenue and Goodman Avenue From Prevost Street to 200 feet east of Merrick Street Alley between Blackmore Avenue and Libby Avenue From Hervie Street to Prevost Street Alley between Shiloh Drive and Chariot Drive From Horne Street to Bourine Street Construction
Desert Ridge & Kilpatrick Avenue Infrastructure Improvements Water mains will be replaced in an area that stretches from Desert Ridge Drive to the west, Camp Bowie to the north, Southwest Boulevard to the south, and Halloran Street to the east. The affected streets include: Desert Ridge Drive from Camp Bowie Boulevard/State Hwy. 377 to Southwest Boulevard/State Hwy. 183 (water and paving). Kilpatrick Avenue from Bryant Irvin Road North to Halloran Street (water and paving). Design
Ridglea Area Infrastructure Improvements This project includes the replacement of water and/or sewer mains as well as the rehabilitation of the affected streets in the Ridglea area. The streets include: Olive Place from Hemsell Place to Curzon Avenue Tex Boulevard from Elizabeth Lane West to Calmont Avenue Mary’s Lane from Greenway Road to Garland Avenue Ridglea Avenue from Kenwick Avenue to Locke Avenue and from Darwood Avenue to Malvey Avenue Calmont Avenue from Tex Boulevard to Bigham Boulevard Locke Avenue from Sappington Place to Olive Place and from Bryant Irvin Road North to Halloran Street Curzon Avenue from Lackland Road to Sappington Place, from Olive Place to Mary’s Lane, from Bigham Boulevard to Edgehill Road and from Sappington Place to Olive Place Garland Avenue from Sappington Place to Bigham Boulevard Elizabeth Lane West from Olive Place to Tex Boulevard Malvey Avenue from Bryant Irvin Road North to Halloran Street Halloran Street from Camp Bowie Boulevard to Malvey Avenue Construction
Ridglea Country Club Drive Water Improvements The existing 16-inch water main located under Ridglea Country Club Drive, from Tamarack Road to Coral Circle, will be replaced. Design
Ridglea Hills & Westcliff West Water & Wastewater Improvements Water lines will be replaced along Rowan Drive and Clayton Road. After the water utility work is completed, an asphalt overlay will be performed until the streets can be reconstructed or rehabilitated by the Transportation & Public Works Department. Design
Walsh Ranch Sanitary Sewer Main Extension Phase IVA Sewer mains will be installed within the Walsh Ranch area that is being developed. Construction
Westcliff & Rosemont Sewer Improvements Sewer lines will be replaced on streets in an area bound by Suffolk Drive to the north, Standish Road to the east, West Seminary Drive to the south and Trail Lake Drive to the west. The affected streets include: Cherokee Trail north east to Granbury Road Trail Lake Drive from south of Wyndale Court to West Seminary Drive West Seminary Drive from Trail Lake Drive to Granbury Road Anita Avenue from Manderly Place to north of South Drive Winfield Avenue from Anita Avenue to Carolyn Road Carolyn Road from Winfield Avenue to south of Suffolk Drive Cherokee Trail north east from north of West Seminary Drive to north of Standish Road North of Suffolk Drive Design
Westcliff & South Hills Water & Wastewater Improvements Wastewater lines located on either side of Granbury Road, just south of the TCU campus, will be replaced. Design