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Interstate 35W

I-35 Street Sign over roadway

The Interstate 35W improvement project spans 10 miles in Fort Worth and includes a section that is currently ranked as the state’s most congested roadway. Plans to reduce the congestion by doubling capacity include interim projects to reconstruct the existing lanes and add two managed toll lanes in each direction.

The project will be built in segments. NTE Mobility Partners Segments 3, LLC (NTEMP3) will construct Segment 3A, which runs from I-30 to north of I-820 and includes the I-35W/I-820 interchange. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) will construct Segment 3B, which runs from north of I-820 to north of US 81/287.

I-35W carries 144,000 vehicles daily near downtown Fort Worth; approximately 11 percent of the vehicles are trucks.

Project Facts



  • Segment 3A: NTE Mobility Partners Segments 3, LLC (NTEMP3)
  • Segment 3B: Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and Lane Construction Corp., contractor


  • Segment 3A: 6.5 miles
  • Segment 3B: 3.6 miles


  • Segment 3A: $1.4 billion
  • Segment 3B: $244 million
    (Costs include design/construction, right of way, utilities, tolling/ITS and financing.)


  • Segment 3A: $531 million federal Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) loan; $445.6 million developer equity; $237 million Private Activity Bonds (PABs); $130 million provided by Metropolitan Planning Organization; $44.5 million interest income.
  • Segment 3B: $135 million Proposition 14; $109 million Proposition 12.


  • Segment 3A: NTEMP3 has begun the right-of-way mapping and survey process and will be making offers to landowners in early summer 2013.
  • Segment 3B: Acquisition is complete and utility coordination is beginning.

Construction dates

  • Segment 3A: Construction starts summer 2013 with anticipated substantial completion in 2018.
  • Segment 3B: Construction starts in May 2013 with substantial completion in late 2017.



Robert Hinkle
Director of Corporate Affairs
North Tarrant Express Mobility Partners

Jodi Hodges
TxDOT Fort Worth District
Public Information Supervisor