Capital Projects

Capital Projects


I-35W Construction Closures and Detours

Construction on I-35W from I-30 to US 287 is in full swing. Capacity improvements span 18 miles and include a section of highway that is ranked as the state's eighth most congested roadway. Know the closures and detours before you get in the car.

Other Projects

Cooks Lane / Morrison Drive Sewer Main Improvements (Active through Aug. 25, 2019)
New sewer mains and nine new manholes have been installed to connect customers to the new sewer line. The work started just east of Cooks Lane and moved west, crossing Ederville Road. The 10-inch and 12-inch sewer mains are also being replaced with 15-inch and 18-inch sewer mains because of development in the area.

Fort Worth & Crowley Sanitary Sewer Main Improvements (Active through Sept. 25, 2019)
Three tunnels in Part 3 are complete and digging on the 80-foot tunnel on West Cleburne Road will start soon. Pipe crews are mobilizing the week of July 29 to start installation of the sewer mains. Part 1 (Crowley) has 24 percent of the sewer line in place and 52 percent of the sewer lines in Part 2 are in place.

Learn more about roundabouts (Active through Dec. 31, 2025)
Visit the city's Roundabout Information page to learn more about the benefits of roundabouts.

Marine Creek Drainage Basin Phase 2 Improvements (Active through Aug. 25, 2019)
A gas pipeline installed over an existing sewer line will be relocated before connecting bypass pumping to pipes stretched out along the Marine Creek Lake walking trail. The project calls for new 42-inch and 36-inch sewer mains. The area is east of Lamb Creek Drive and Paloma Blanca Drive and north of New Castleton Lane. Bypass pumping pipes will remain along the west side of Marine Creek Trail during construction.

North Fort Worth Water Supply Main Phase 2 (Active through Sept. 29, 2019)
The contractor has completed work on Keller Hicks Road up to Misty's Run. The contractor is moving out on Monday, Aug. 12, and Keller Hicks will be open on Tuesday, Aug. 13. The water department will work with the contractor to determine when they will move back in to complete the sewer work.

Oakhurst Scenic & Yucca Water and Sewer Improvements (Active through Oct. 8, 2019)
More than 90 percent of the 12-inch sewer main, starting at Yucca and Oakhurst Scenic, is in place. Workers will tie in to the existing 6-inch sewer main at the Watauga Road underpass. Installation of the 12-inch water line on Yucca is more than 60 percent complete between Riverside and Sylvania. Residents near the Riverside intersection are already enjoying their permanent paving. The remainder will be done when pipe work is complete.

Stop Six / Rosedale Area Sewer Improvements (Active through Aug. 25, 2019)
Construction continues on sewer lines in the Stop6 / Rosedale area. New sewer lines have been installed in these areas: MacArthur Drive, Wainwright Drive, Stalcup Road, Carverly Drive, Victoria Place, Hughes Avenue, Tahoe Drive, Hardeman Street, Carmel Avenue, Burke Road, and Wilhelm Street.

Sycamore Creek Wastewater Improvements (Active through Oct. 8, 2019)
More than 85 percent of the project is finished. A new 66-inch relief sewer main extends from an existing 72-inch sewer line in Gateway Park to south of Lancaster and in to the UPRR right-of-way. The main was installed in Windham, parallel to an existing sewer main. All sewer pipe is installed. Curbs, gutters and valley gutters are being restored and driveways are being repaired. A water line on Lancaster Avenue was relocated.

Westcliff & South Hills Water & Wastewater Improvements (Active through Sept. 29, 2019)
New sewer lines are installed on West Beddell Street from Wabash Avenue to Rodgers Avenue and Rodgers Avenue from West Beddell to Wabash. Temporary pavement is in place until the overlay can be completed. The contractor is working on West Gambrell Street at Rodgers. The sewer on West Gambrell has been replaced with new pipe and manholes. The next step is to replace the sewer line on West Boyce Avenue between Wabash and Cherokee Trail.

Capital Improvement Plans