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New Active Transportation Plan identifies, prioritizes sidewalk needs across the city

Posted Nov. 20, 2019

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Under City Code, property owners are responsible for maintaining and repairing sidewalks.

Sidewalks are vital components in the Fort Worth transportation network. They are used for trips to schools, stores, bus stops, parks and even for leisurely walks. The choice to walk rather than take a trip by car can reduce congestion and pollution, encourage friendlier neighborhoods and help promote healthier lifestyles.

Fort Worth adopted an Active Transportation Plan in April that identifies priority pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure projects for funding and implementation. Pedestrian infrastructure needs are addressed in the plan primarily through the identification, evaluation and ranking of new sidewalk projects. New sidewalk projects refer exclusively to those projects that fill a gap in the sidewalk network. Sidewalk repair or widening projects are not addressed in the plan.

Sidewalk gaps were identified through a citywide inventory, evaluated based on criteria such as safety, equity and proximity to transit and community facilities, and then ranked for implementation.

The plan provides a list of the 20 highest-ranked sidewalk projects and identifies more than 7,000 sidewalk gaps in the city. Those projects will be prioritized for implementation where leveraging funding opportunities exist.

Residents who are interested in specific sidewalk projects should submit a service request via the Call Center at 817-392-1234. Transportation & Public Works Department staff will contact the resident, conduct a site visit and share the Active Transportation Plan ranking.

Sidewalk replacement and repair

Sidewalks damaged by tree roots, large cracks, deterioration and holes should be addressed to ensure safe pedestrian walkways. Under City Code, the property owner is responsible for maintaining and repairing sidewalks.

The Transportation & Public Works Department assists with sidewalk repair by investigating sidewalk conditions upon request from property owners. Staff will evaluate the condition of the sidewalk and take measures to remove safety hazards.

The Transportation & Public Works Department does not provide sidewalk removal and replacement for property owners. However, the department may remove damaged sections of a walkway and replace it with an alternate material if a sidewalk is determined to be severely deteriorated. This is intended as a temporary measure until the property owner can replace the sidewalk.

Install your own sidewalk

A licensed, bonded contractor that meets the city’s insurance requirements must be used to install sidewalks on private property. The contractor must apply for a permit using the city’s online Accela Customer Access portal and coordinate with the Planning & Development Department and Transportation & Public Works Department for site plan review and inspection.

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