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Council to look at truck parking on city streets

Posted Oct. 18, 2018

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Group of 18 wheelers
Parking oversized commercial vehicles is allowed only in certain situations.

The City Council will consider the problem of truck parking on city streets on Oct. 23.

Truck storage is not allowed on public streets. City staff is recommending increasing the parking fine for oversized commercial vehicles on a public street from $35 to $200, the maximum allowed.

Truck storage refers to unoccupied, commercial vehicles that are stored on property overnight or long term. Where outdoor truck storage is the primary use of a property, the property must be zoned ‘I” “J” or “K” industrial, and the owner must obtain a special exception from the Board of Adjustment and comply with certain standards:

  • The storage must be secured from vandalism, theft or other mischievous acts.
  • The storage must be surrounded by a screen fence a minimum of six feet to screen the storage from public view. No material may be visible above the required fence.
  • The storage may not be placed in any area that will interfere with the natural flow of stormwater drainage.
  • No storage of unregistered motor vehicles, wrecked or dismantled vehicles or vehicles being retained for the purpose of removing or using parts is permitted.

Where outdoor truck storage is an accessory use on property supporting a business, no special exception is required, and the primary building must have a certificate of occupancy. Also, truck stops that provide retail sales and fueling as a primary use are allowed in industrial zoning.

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