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My H2O Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyH2O?

My H2O is a City of Fort Worth program that brings advanced technology to the Water Department and its customers. Fort Worth is embracing these new tools for its efficiencies and business innovations.

The program involves installing water meters equipped with a digital-read display. The meter lids are outfitted with a radio transmission unit, which sends water usage data via a secure fixed wireless network to the utility.

How will this benefit me?

Customers will be able to better understand and manage their water use to control their water costs. Through MyH2O, customers can receive alerts when continuous flow is measured, indicating a possible leak, one of the most common causes for a high bill.

Why is my water meter being replaced?

Water utilities routinely replace meters because over time they lose their accuracy in measuring the water going through it, or it has all together stopped working.

Fort Worth is constantly looking for ways to improve its water operations and engage more with its customers, and feels this is the right program to do that. The data will help guide the utility in finding other cost-saving improvements.

Who will get these meters?

Every water customer will get the new meters. The city currently has about 259,000 residential and commercial meters.

Can I opt-out of the program?

There is no opt-out option for the new meters.

How are the new meters read?

The meters are read by a radio signal sent from the meter box and delivered through a secure wireless network. It is a cost-effective solution for the utility and eliminates the need for reading water meters manually.

When will MyH2O come to my neighborhood?

The program will begin in northeast Fort Worth in 2019. The area is generally bounded by NE Loop 820 on the south, Interstate 35 on the west, Beach Street and Texas 377 on the east and Summerfields Boulevard and North Tarrant Parkway on the north.

Areas will be added by billing cycle. Your billing cycle is listed on your water bill or you can check the schedule at the MyH2O page.

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What do I need to do to prepare?

You will be notified by mail when the switch is about to take place. The work takes 20 to 30 minutes and your water will be interrupted during this time. If crews notice you are using your water when it’s your turn, they will skip your house and return later in the day, or another day. Don’t worry if you’re not home. A tag will be left on your door letting you know the work has been completed.

Will the new meters cause my water bill to increase?

Whenever a new meter is installed, there's a chance your bill may increase. Older meters in particular may not be performing accurately. This new meter will precisely capture all of your water consumption.

Have any of these new meters been installed?

Yes, more than 27,500 meters have been installed since mid-2016, primarily at new construction sites or as replacements for meters that were not working properly. These meters are not yet equipped with the radio transmission unit, but will be when the other meters in that billing cycle are replaced. Until then, they will continue to be read manually.

Who will install my meter?

Fort Worth has contracted with Aqua Metric to install the meters. Aqua Metric has subcontractors cleaning out meter boxes, preparing the meter lids for the radio unit, installing the meters and connecting and activating the radio.

Is my privacy safe?

Yes. MyH2O has the most secure technology available. Water use data is sent through a secure frequency. No personal information can be collected by the water meter.

The radio frequency is weaker than a cordless phone and will not interfere with other electronic devices in your home or business. It will not interfere with your data network. In fact, AMI meters transmit for less than one minute a day.

Am I being charged for the meter?

No, the meter is a utility cost. You are not being billed for the new meter.

What's happening to the old meters?

The meters are being recycled.

Who do I call if I have questions, concerns or notice a problem?

For any reason, please contact the Water Department here or call 817-392-4477.


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