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MyH2O and advanced water meters

The City of Fort Worth is transforming the services and operations of its water utility with the installation of an advanced metering infrastructure system, or AMI, through a program called MyH2O.

In the next couple of years, nearly 259,000 residential and commercial water meters in the city will be switched out with digital-read meters, equipped with a radio transmission unit for remote reading. From it, encrypted data from the meter is securely sent by a wireless network to the utility to create a bill.

The program is not about the meter, rather the technologies that come with it.

MyH20 focuses on enhanced customer communication, leak detection and conservation.

Customers will have the tools to better manage their spending. Customers can set a dollar amount they don’t want their bill to go over and receive an alert if they’re close to that amount.

Once registered a portal, customers can choose to receive alerts when water hasn't stopped running for some time, indicating a possible leak, or if there’s other unusual high usage trends.

Customers can view the previous day’s consumption on an hourly basis. When coupled with consumption history data, customers will have the tools to better understand and make decisions about how and when they use water.

Customers will find it easy to pay their bills on the portal and find conservation tips and programs.

MyH2O will reduce the utility’s operating costs, as well. By taking usage and other data, the utility can improve water distribution plans and identify potential infrastructure problems long before they turn into costly and disruptive repairs.

MyH2O will be phased-in and begins with the installation of meters in Council District 4, primarily in the Summerfields neighborhood, just north of NE Loop 820. The area is billing cycle 21.

Installations will be done by billing cycle. Billing cycle numbers are found on your water bill near the upper left hand corner.

Customers can keep an eye on our MyH2O web page, for the billing cycle receiving the new meters. Also watch for notices on Fort Worth Water on Facebook, on Twitter at @FWWater, and in neighborhood newsletters.

Fort Worth switched to the new meter in mid-2016. Since then, more than approximately 27,500 have been installed at new construction sites or when an old meter was replaced. Those meters will be added to the wireless network for remote reading depending on the billing cycle the customer is located.


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