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Art Exhibits and Displays

From paintings and photos to sculptures and collectibles, the Fort Worth Library offers a number of quality exhibits throughout the year. The Library strives to present some of the best works of local artists, photographers and collectors, celebrating both the talent and diversity of our community.

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Ella Mae Shamblee

Portraiture Visions

Portraits of legendary producer, writer, poet, musician, composer, photographer Gordon Parks by various local artists. On display from November 12 - December 31.

Stories and Colors Out of Africa

U. Crosby has an inept and unique ability to create mosaic art work in acrylic paint with vivid colors of patterns, shapes, and designs that permeate an essence of pride and heritage. He uses one of the oldest forms of ornamentation that creates a keen sense of alertness that evokes emotions of love, laughter, happiness and unity within his African culture of Nigeria throughout the art pieces. The paintings portray the spirituality, life experiences, and history of the African people. On display from November 12 - December 31.

Last updated: Nov. 22, 2019