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Naming/Recognition Policy

The Library provides naming opportunities in recognition of individuals and corporations for outstanding services towards the development of the library system and for significant financial contributions. These naming opportunities may include but are not limited to naming buildings, sections of buildings, outdoor features, or library collections.


The Library has had a long-standing tradition of naming library buildings by geographic location. Only one facility has been named for a long-time librarian for her services towards the development of the library system. Sections of buildings have been named for individuals or corporations. Based on these precedents, this policy provides standardized criteria regarding naming opportunities whereby individuals and corporations can be appropriately recognized and still maintain consistency of identification throughout the library system.


  1. A building consists of a permanent, free standing structure constructed to house library staff and materials and serve as a venue for library services.
  2. A section of a building may include a wing, a floor, enclosed rooms, designated areas such a story-time corner, staircases, elevators, walls and other major structures that form an integral part of the building.
  3. An outdoor feature includes a garden, courtyard, ornamental structure, fountain, or walkway.
  4. A c_ollection_ are groups of books, media, and other information items.
  5. Furnishings and equipment include furniture, computers, microfilm readers, and similar articles that are not a fixed part of the building and have a short life span.
  6. Financial contributions include outright gifts of money, securities, real estate, personal property, in kind donations and endowments.


  1. Naming of Buildings
  2. 1.1. The Library may recommend naming a building in recognition of a person or corporation that has provided outstanding service towards the development of the library system or made a significant financial contribution in support of the building of no less than 50 % of the capital cost or supports the Library with an endowment in excess of $ 2 million.
  3. 1.2 As a rule an individual must be deceased in order to have a City-owned facility named as a memorial. However, in very limited circumstances, this general rule may be waived if the individual has performed extraordinary service for the betterment of the community.
  4. 1.3 If a new or existing building is named for an individual or corporation, that name will expire with the life or demolition of the building. If a building ceases to be a library, then the individual or corporation for which the building was named does not have a continuing right to have another building so named based on the same donation.
  5. Naming Sections of the Building or Outdoor Features
  6. 2.1 The Library will consider naming sections of a building or outdoor features when a person or corporation has given outstanding service towards the development of a building or made a financial contribution of no less than $50,000 for development or renovation. The form of recognition shall be commensurate with the value of the contribution.
  7. 2.2 Recognition will be for 5 years or for the life of the renovation, unless the individual or corporation provides continuing or additional support.
  8. Naming Collections, Furnishings or Equipment
  9. 3.1 The Library will recognize a major financial contribution for the purchase of library materials, furnishings or equipment by placing the name of the benefactor in a prominent location within the facility.. The minimum financial contribution for an individual shall be $5,000 and for a corporation $10,000.
  10. 3.2 The Library will recognize an individual who makes a financial contribution of less than $5,000 or corporation that makes a financial contribution of less than $10,000 for the purchase of furnishings or equipment by placing the name of the benefactor on a plaque attached to the item or items.
  11. 3.3 The Library will recognize an individual contribution of less than $5,000 or a corporate contribution of less than $10,000 for books or other library materials by the placement of a bookplate in the individual items or the creation of a virtual bookplate on the Library’s online computer catalog.
  12. 3.4 Recognition will be for the useful life of the purchased item.
  13. New Facilities
  14. 4.1 When a new building is planned naming opportunities will be outlined for the building, sections of the building, and its outdoor features and donation amounts will be assigned for each opportunity. This plan must be approved by the Library Director.
  15. General
  16. 5.1 A naming opportunity must be consistent with the Library’s mission and goals and with City of Fort Worth policies regarding the naming of city-owned facilities.
  17. 5.2 The Fort Worth Public Library Foundation and the Friends of the Fort Worth Public Library, Inc. may contribute multiple financial contributions that merit recognition. In such cases, naming opportunities will be in recognition of the original donor or for the individual/corporation designated by the board of support organization.
  18. 5.3 Names shall be unique to a building. No two buildings shall be named after the same individual or organization.
  19. 5.4 If the naming of a building is based on outstanding service to the library system, the next of kin or the family of a person whose name is being considered for the naming of library building, sections of a building or outdoor features will be notified in writing prior to completion of the naming process.
  20. 5.5 If an individual or organization after whom a building, section of a building or outdoor feature is named, comes into disrepute in the community or the City at large the Library Director may recommend the discontinuation of the use of the name.
  21. 5.6. The naming of a building, section of a building, or outdoor feature shall be finalized only after the financial commitment by the individual or corporation has been honored in full and not on the basis of a pledge for future funds.
  22. 5.7. Indexation
    At the discretion of the Library Director, the levels of financial contributions quoted above will be adjusted to reflect changes in economic conditions, using the appropriate price indexing from the Federal Bureau of Statistics.


  1. Proposals for the naming of buildings, sections of buildings, outdoor features or collections may be submitted at any time during the year to the Library Director for review.
  2. A proposal should include
  3. Applicant name
  4. Contact Information including address, telephone and email address.
  5. Naming opportunity of interest
  6. Statement of the amount and method of the financial contribution to the Library
  7. Statement of the outstanding services toward the development of the library system when the recognition is based open merit rather than financial contributions.
  8. When the potential contributor is unaware of a specific naming opportunity, the Library Director will work with the contributor to determine the best naming/recognition opportunity in accordance with this policy.
  9. An official letter of response will be sent acknowledging the proposal and outlining the steps necessary to proceed with the naming process or declining the proposal and stating the reason for this action.
  10. In cases of donations more than $5,000 by an individual and $10,000 by a corporation, the Library Director will present to the City Manager’s Office the naming proposal with appropriate documentation in accordance with the City’s naming resolution.
  11. A Mayor and Council Communication with the evaluations of the Library Director and the City Manager’s Office will be submitted to the City Council for approval.
  12. Donations of less than $5,000 by an individual or $10,000 by a corporation are deposited in a special trust revenue account. At the time that expenditures are made from this account for furnishings, equipment or library materials, a Mayor and Council Communication will be submitted to the City Council for approval.
  13. The Library Director will approve the design, wording, and placement of any permanent signs, inscriptions or other recognitions with due consideration for the architectural style of a building and for consistency throughout the library system.

Last updated: Oct. 22, 2010