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Gifts Policy

The Fort Worth Public Library supplements its materials budget through gift materials and monetary donations.

Regulations Regarding Material Donations:

13.1 The Library accepts gift materials. Such donations become the property of the Friends of the Fort Worth Public Library and are sold in their online bookstore and at other events sponsored by the Friends. Proceeds from the sale of these donations directly benefit the Library.

13.2 Donors may only take gift items to the following locations - Central, East Regional, Northside, Northwest and Southwest. Since storage space is limited, these libraries will accept no more than two boxes (19” x 14” x 10”) of donations per customer each month. Donations brought to other locations will be refused.

13.3 Donations of books and other materials that relate specifically to genealogy, Fort Worth, or Texas history should be made directly to the Genealogy, History, and Archives Unit of the Central Library. See the Materials Collection Policy and donating section of Genealogy, History and Archives for more information.

13.4 All gifts delivered to the Library become the property of the City of Fort Worth Library, to use or dispose of as it sees best. The Library rarely adds donations to the collection.

13.5 Donations not added to the Library’s collection must follow the process established by the City for gifts and withdrawals, as described in 10.15 and 10.16.

13.6 The Library does not generally accept donated materials:

  • 13.6a That have donor-stipulated restrictions on their use, distribution, exhibition, or retention
  • 13.6b Whose ownership is retained or controlled by groups or individuals outside the Library
  • 13.6c That would be housed for other organizations

13.7 The library does not accept materials on a preview basis. This includes items donated by the author. Once material is donated to the library, it becomes the property of the City of Fort Worth and may not be returned to the donor.

13.8 There are some materials the Friends cannot sell in their online book sales. These include Reader’s Digest condensed books, textbooks, outdated materials, DVDs, Blu-rays, videocassettes, audiocassettes, and back issues of magazines. Given limited space and staff resources, the Library and Friends do not accept donation of these types of materials. These types of materials may be more useful in nursing homes, shelters, hospitals, and other organizations. Donors with this type of material may wish to contact these organizations instead of donating them to the Library.

13.9 Neither the Library nor the Friends accepts materials that have obvious mold, water or food damage, bug infestation, or rodent damage. The Library and the Friends reserve the right to refuse and/or dispose of materials showing this type of damage, as well as materials boxed or bagged with items showing this type of damage.

Discussion: Mold, moisture, and infestation present health hazards for staff. Infested or mold-damaged materials can easily infect other materials stored in the same container and materials elsewhere in the building. The Library is not equipped to repair or restore gift materials in this condition. Materials in this condition cannot be sold at book sales.

13.10 With the exception of certain types of materials in the Genealogy, Local History and Archives Unit, the Library does not rely on donated materials as the primary means of developing collections.

13.11 Given the thousands of items donated to the Library annually, staff does not track the disposition of specific donated items.

13.12 The Library discourages giving specific items as memorials or honorariums, as such gifts cannot be added to the collection if they do not meet the Library’s selection criteria. Donors who wish to make such gifts should first discuss them with the Acquisitions Manager.

13.13 The Library provides a donation receipt for all material donations. Donations are tax deductible; however, federal tax regulations prevent Library staff from placing a value on your donated materials. A qualified appraisal for tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor. Donors are strongly encouraged to compile a detailed list of items prior to donation if it will be used later for tax purposes. Donors may wish to review the following IRS Publications for more information:

  • IRS Publication 561: Determining the Value of Donated Property
  • IRS Form 8283: Non-Cash Charitable Donations
  • IRS Form 8283 Instructions

Regulations Regarding Monetary Donations:

13.14 The Library encourages unrestricted monetary gifts. These allow for the greatest flexibility in meeting the Library’s collection needs. The Library provides a “Bucks for Books” donation form.

13.15 The Library encourages donors to make general recommendations about how they would like the funds to be used, such as type of material, subject interest, age level, or a preferred Library unit.

13.16 The Library discourages conditions that require the Library to purchase specific titles with monetary gifts, and reserves the right to decline such monetary donations if the recommended material will not meet its collection policies or selection criteria.

13.17 The Library’s standard gift plate identifying the donor or person being honored may be displayed in items purchased from monetary gifts given in memoriam or as honorariums. If the donor agrees, these gifts will also be identified by the virtual bookplate included in the online catalog record for donated materials.

13.18 The Library will send acknowledgement letters for all monetary donations.

Regulations Regarding Special Fund Raising Projects and Book Drives:

13.19 Individuals and organizations wishing to conduct special fund raising projects or book drives must discuss these with the Collection Management Administrator before proceeding.

13.20 The Library reserves the right to stipulate conditions regarding the types and dispersal of materials or use of funds gained from such projects in order to ensure that they will be beneficial to the Library.

Last updated: June 18, 2018