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Exhibitor Policy

I. General Policies

  • The Fort Worth Library offers the opportunity to develop exhibits that meet the mission to improve cultural awareness and local historical appreciation as well as promote the pursuit of lifelong learning and reading.
  • Exhibits are to be respectful of the Library’s multi-purpose community and public service use. In the course of a year, exhibits present a broad spectrum of culture as well as a variety of viewpoints. Neither the Library nor the City of Fort Worth endorses the beliefs or viewpoints within the subject of an exhibit, whether Library-initiated or sponsored by an outside individual or community group.
  • The Library evaluates proposals based on the following criteria: Is the exhibit appropriate for the Library? Does the exhibit support the mission and goals of the Library and the City of Fort Worth? Is the exhibit of interest to a substantial portion of the community? Does the exhibit contribute to representing a diverse range of viewpoints and interests?
  • The regulations and procedures outlined in this document govern exhibits at the Library. Branch managers have the authority to approve exhibits in consultation with the programming staff.
  • The exhibit space is not intended for advertising or commercial purposes. Exhibit items cannot have prices affixed. Exhibitors may provide a printed catalog listing the exhibited materials with contact information, but no specific prices. Sale of exhibit items at the Library is prohibited.
  • The Library assumes no responsibility or liability for the safekeeping of any exhibit.

II. Proposal and Approval Process

  • Exhibits may be scheduled up to two years in advance.
  • Exhibitors wanting to use exhibit space at the Library must complete the Exhibit Proposal Form. The Library asks that proposals be submitted at least six months prior to the proposed installation date.
  • The programming staff reviews proposals. Exhibitors receive notice of a decision via telephone, email or letter.
  • The library reserves the right to pre-empt any exhibit or display space for a Library- or City- sponsored exhibit or event. In such instances, the Library will make a reasonable effort to give advance notice of such pre-emption and assist in reserving another date. Priority is given to the Library’s annual heritage events and exhibits sponsored by The Fort Worth Public Library Foundation or Friends of Fort Worth Public Library, Inc.
  • Exhibits generally last 8-12 weeks. Unless approved in advance by the Library, no portion of the exhibit may leave before the agreed-upon conclusion dates.

III. Shipping and Delivery

  • Shipping, delivery and pick up of all exhibit materials are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor. The Library does not pay for any of these services.
  • The Library cannot store items before the exhibit opens or after it closes. Unless approved in advance by the Library, delivery and installation take place on a single business day during normal operating hours. The Exhibitor Packet contains details on installation and removal.
  • Central Library Only: Temporary loading and unloading is available at the building delivery entrance on the north side of the building on 2nd Street. There is no loading dock. Vehicles cannot block the doors or designated parking spots, and must relocate after moving materials.
  • Central Library Only: The Library can validate parking tickets for 2 ½ hours of free parking at the Sundance Square garage located at 3rd and Taylor Streets, across from the library. Street meters and pay lots are also nearby; however, meters and garages require payment on weekdays before 6 p.m. Meters are free after 6 p.m. weekdays and all day weekends.
  • Branch Libraries Only: Parking and loading information provided as needed.

IV. Installation

  • Exhibitors are responsible for providing insurance. The Library does not insure exhibits and accepts no liability or responsibility for any part of the exhibit.
  • Exhibitors perform their own installation or provide qualified installers. Staff can answer installation requirement questions. Unless approved in advance by the Library, staff cannot provide any assistance with installation or removal. Exhibitors work at their own risk.
  • See Library Exhibit Spaces for details and photos about individual exhibit areas. 
  • Two-dimensional items must be framed and installed using the wire management system provided. Nails are prohibited in the Library. Three-dimensional items must be in cases provided or situated on the floor so as not to damage the art. All mounted signs and labels must be adhered without leaving holes, stains or other damage.
  • Central Library Only: The Gallery uses a unique hanging system. See Central Library Gallery Hanging Procedure for more details. The library will provide hanging wire and metal clips for use with the system.
  • Branch Libraries and West Wing: Library staff will demonstrate how to use individual hanging systems at the time of installation.
  • Unless approved in advance by the Library, exhibitors provide labels. Exhibitors may be asked to submit labels for review before installation. See Fort Worth Library Exhibit Labels & Signage for more details.
  • If the entire exhibit is not ready on the agreed-upon installation date, the Library may choose to cancel the exhibit.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning up after installation and removal.
  • Carts and dollies used in the Central Library Gallery must have soft rubber wheels or tires.
  • Unless approved in advance by the Library, an exhibit may not include Library materials.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for framing items and preparing items to hang with eye hooks, etc.

V. Maintenance and Removal

  • The Library recommends exhibitors visit exhibits periodically to assure no portions have fallen or become otherwise unkempt. Exhibitors are responsible for all repairs.
  • Unless approved in advance by the Library, removal of the entire exhibit occurs on a single business day during normal operating hours.
  • The Library will not store items after the removal. Unless approved in advance by the Library, items left more than 30 days become the property of the Library and the City of Fort Worth.
  • Exhibitors are liable for any damages to Library property and equipment resulting from failure to follow the proper procedures. Library staff can immediately remove any item violating policy. Exhibitors who do not adhere to policy are prohibited from future exhibiting.

VI. Promotion and Receptions

  • The Library strives to provide a basic level of promotional support for the exhibit, as resources allow. Typically, the Library provides exhibit signs and includes the exhibit on the Library’s website, online calendar, social networks and community calendars, but promotions can vary. See Central Library Exhibit Labels & Signage for more details.
  • The Library must approve all printed and promotional items related to the exhibit prior to publication and distribution. Exhibitors may not use logos of the Library or the City of Fort Worth without advance Library approval.
  • Exhibitors can schedule related receptions in the meeting rooms adjoining the exhibit space, as available, and are subject to the regulations of the meeting room policies.
  • If the reception is free and open to the public, the Library may choose to cosponsor the event. If the Library is a cosponsor, there are no meeting room rental fees. The Library may also waive fees for events sponsored by key partner organizations, such as the Friends of the Fort Worth Public Library and the Fort Worth Public Library Foundation.
  • Exhibitors wanting a private reception must follow the procedure in the meeting room policies. The Library schedules meeting rooms based on availability. There are rental fees for private meeting room use.

VII. Limitations

  • The Library recognizes this policy cannot address all possible situations, and it is not an all-inclusive document. Situations not specifically addressed in the policy are handled as they arise.
  • In the event of a cancellation, exhibitors must provide notification at least 30 days before installation. Exhibitors who cancel with under 30 days notice forfeit the ability to exhibit at the Library for one year.
  • The Library allows photographing and filming of exhibits. These images can be reproduced for any purpose, including publicity. Exhibitors will not receive compensation for such use.

Exhibitor Packet

Exhibit Proposal

Last updated: Oct. 8, 2015