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Early Literacy iPad Loan Agreement

Fort Worth Library Early Literacy iPad Loan Agreement

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I, _________________________________, understand and agree to the following rules and regulations concerning library iPad use:

  1. iPads can only be checked out by an adult. Adult must have with them:
    • an adult library card
    • a preschool age child
  2. Borrowers are responsible for the iPad hardware and software. Borrowers will reimburse the library for any damages, up to and including the cost of the iPad, if the iPad or software is damaged, lost, or stolen while checked out to them.
  3. iPads may only be used inside the Hazel Harvey Peace Youth Center.
  4. iPads should not be left unattended in the library. If borrowers must leave the library or the area where they are using a library iPad, they may leave the iPad at the Children’s desk until they return.
  5. iPads may be borrowed for a maximum of two (2) hours per day. iPads must be returned to library staff thirty (30) minutes prior to library closing even if this does not allow the borrower to use the iPad for the entire two-hour loan period.
  6. iPads must be returned to a staff member at the Children’s desk when the loan period ends. The iPad is the borrower’s responsibility until it has been placed in the hands of a staff member.
  7. Borrowers must leave the power on when returning an iPad so staff can check the components prior to checking in the laptop.
  8. Borrowers may not change iPad settings or configurations or save anything to the iPad’s hard drive.
  9. The library is not responsible for any damage or loss of the borrower’s data or media due to any cause.
  10. Borrowers are reminded to take appropriate caution with personal information while using library iPads. Search history and other activity are deleted when iPads are returned, but library wireless connections are not secure.
  11. Use of library iPads is governed by the  Library’s Public PC, Internet and Wireless Use Policy. This policy is available on the library’s web site.

Last updated: Sept. 7, 2012