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Co-Sponsorship of Community Programs

The Fort Worth Library may co-sponsor a program of an outside organization when the program furthers the Library’s mission and goals and serves the interests of the citizens of the Fort Worth.


A “co-sponsored program” is a single event or a series of events planned by an outside organization at a library facility or at another location but under the auspices of the library. It may involve a performance, lecture, author signing, or other educational, recreational or cultural activity.


The Fort Worth Library is dedicated to providing the highest quality of public library services for all citizens of the City of Fort Worth through a wide variety of community programs. While the library does conduct its own programs, it recognizes that there are many organizations that provide unique services or disseminate information that is of value to the community and is outside the expertise of library staff. This policy is intended to assist these organizations by providing them a venue and at the same time offering an additional service to library customers.


  1. A branch or unit supervisor may approve the co-sponsorship of a program if the program is at a single facility and involves only the one-time waiver of a meeting room fee and participation of that facility’s staff.
  2. System-wide programs, on-going programs, or programs requiring a substantial use of staff time, promotion, or other financial commitment must be approved by the Library Director, or designee.
  3. The Library Director has final approval over all co-sponsorships.
  4. The co-sponsorship of a program planned by an outside organization includes:
    4.1 Use of library meeting facility without charge,
    4.2 Staff involvement in the planning or presentation of a program,
    4.3 Displays of library materials related to the program,
    4.4 Promotion of a program by the library, and
  5. Organizations that the Library will consider co-sponsoring include but are not limited to
    5.1 Local, state, and federal government agencies;
    5.2 Schools and educational institutions,
    5.3 Art and Cultural organizations,
    5.4 Non-profit organizations, and
    5.5 Community groups and clubs
  6. Programs of the Library’s support organizations, including the Friends of Fort Worth Public Library, Inc., The Fort Worth Public Library Foundation, the Library Advisory Board and their subcommittees are typically co-sponsored at least to the extent of free use of the library meeting facility.
  7. The Library does not co-sponsor events of individuals or for-profit organizations.
  8. Co-sponsored programs at the Fort Worth Library 8.1 Must further the library’s mission,
    8.2 Must enhance library services,
    8.3 Must increase awareness and use of library resources,
    8.4 Must be free and open to the public, unless otherwise authorized by the Library Director or designee,
    8.5 Must serve a variety of age groups, cultures, and interests,
    8.6 Must not involve sales of any kind, unless otherwise authorized by the Library Director, or designee,
    8.7 Must be within the normal operating hours of the library facility, unless otherwise authorized by the Library Director, or designee, and
    8.8 Must be appropriate to the library’s audience.
  9. Some programs may be restricted for an age appropriate audience.
  10. Some programs may require registration to prevent overcrowding of the program Facility, to allow the presenter and library staff to prepare materials for the event, or to assess interest in additional sessions. If registration is required, all information obtained by the Library will remain confidential.
  11. An outside organization whose program is being co-sponsored is subject to the regulations outlined in the Meeting Room Reservation and Usage Policy.
  12. All press releases, posters, flyers, and other promotional items must be approved by the Library Director, or designee before distribution. Non-compliance shall result in denial of future requests for co-sponsorship.


  1. An organization requesting co-sponsorship at a single facility should submit a written request to the branch/unit supervisor.
  2. The branch/unit supervisor having checked the availability of the meeting space will reply in writing, stating the extent of the co-sponsorship and providing a copy of the Meeting Room Reservation and Usage Policy.
  3. An organization requesting co-sponsorship for a system-wide program or requesting a substantial commitment of library time or resources should submit a written proposal at least 6 to 8 weeks in advance.
  4. Written proposals should include:
    4.1 Name of Program
    4.2 Proposed date(s)
    4.3Name of Organization
    4.4 Contact Information
    4.5 Description of program including target audience, goals, theme or purpose, program length
    4.6 Details on speakers or special guests
    4.7 Statement of how co-sponsorship will support the mission of the Library and
    4.8 Expectations of the Library.
  5. Proposal for system-wide programs will be submitted to:

Fort Worth Library Administration
Attention: Co-Sponsorships
500 West 3rd St
Fort Worth TX 76102

  1. A written letter of approval/denial will be sent by the Library Director or designee, stating the extent of the co-sponsorship and providing a copy of the Meeting Room Reservation and Usage Policy.
  2. A library contact will be appointed to work with the outside organization.
  3. All press releases, posters, flyers, and other promotional items for co-sponsored programs will be submitted to the Library Director or designee for approval at least two weeks before they are to be distributed.
  4. The unit/branch supervisor or library contact should make certain that program attendance is reported to data collector in Library Administration.

Last updated: March 7, 2013