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Protection of Trees Affected by Pipelines

As noted in the attached diagram, roots of all tree species are generally contained to a depth of 18-inches where there is sufficient oxygen to sustain root growth. A very limited number of roots may extend beyond 18-inches, but any loss of roots beyond the 18-inch depth would have negligible impact on the safety and well being of the tree.

Under the city's tree ordinance, protection of the critical root zone for significant trees identified for preservation is required during all types of construction. The Critical Root Zone is defined as the radius of the area equal to 12 times the diameter at breast height (1”DBH = 1 foot).

As the city allows pipeline licenses through city-owned properties and begins allowing pipelines in the city's rights-of-way, the minimum depth will be three feet in accordance with the standards set forth by the Railroad Commission of Texas.

Note: If you are negotiating private easement agreements with a pipeline company, a few things to consider when discussing with the company, in addition to any other concerns you may have, are the width of the easement, the depth of the pipeline, the location of the easement, surface damages, and the use of the surface over the easement.




For emergencies, dial 9-1-1. For Gas Well complaints call our 24-hour number at 817-392-1427, or call the Police Department non-emergency line at 817-392-4222.

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