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Gas Well Drilling

The City of Fort Worth reviews applications and issues permits for gas wells in city limits. Permit requirements regulate placement of wells that come near residences, religious institutions, hospitals, schools or parks; transportation routes for trucks and equipment; pipelines; and compressor stations and pad sites. View the full Gas Well Drilling Ordinance »

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Pending & Approved Permits

Abandoned: 152
Applying: 1
Permitted: 3
Producing: 1,980

Total: 2,136

Numbers include pre-existing wells identified in the city.

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Gas Well Notice

A request for a new transportation route has been submitted to the City of Fort Worth for the gas well located at 2795 Quail Rd. A public hearing will be held to review the proposed transportation route. View the proposed transportation route. Ordinance 18449-02-2009 requires that this proposed transportation route be reviewed by the Gas Drilling Review Committee for approval because it does not follow a commercial transportation route. The public hearing on the proposed temporary transportation route is scheduled June 20, 2019, 3 p.m., City Council Conference Room 290, City Hall, 200 Texas Street 76102. The gas well operator is BlueStone NR. They can be reached at: Two West 2nd Street, Suite 1700, Tulsa, OK 74103; Kristi L. Perryman, Office number: 918-392-9208 or email. The purpose of the public hearing is to hear comments regarding the proposed transportation route. If you have questions please call 817-392-1427 or visit the State of Texas Railroad Commission website.



For emergencies, dial 9-1-1. For Gas Well complaints call our 24-hour number at 817-392-1427, or call the Police Department non-emergency line at 817-392-4222.

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